Kathryn Kusyszyn

Kathryn Kusyszyn

BA, RNCP, RYT, Reiki practitioner / October 2003


Most Memorable Moment 
Public speaking during the Professional Skills Development course enabled me to overcome fear and develop compassion, which I truly value. Of course, discussing the details of bowel movements the first week of class with Darko is also something I will remember forever!

Favourite Class
Just one? Fundamentals with Darko Pryce opened my eyes to so much. Psychology of Disease was enlightening, Holistic Food Preparation gave me much needed skills and information while the science courses helped balance my artistic and energetic focus of healing. The two Symptomatology courses also provided invaluable tools for practice.

Currently Doing in the field of Holistic Nutrition
Private Practice incorporating nutrition, Reiki, yoga and massage. Freelance writing for print and online. Product demonstrations and special events for supplement companies.

Contact Information:
Phone: 778-433-9806
Email: yogakat8@yahoo.ca

Favourite Quote

Let food be thy medicine.

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