MG Kang

MG Kang

CNP, Founder and Owner of Green Natural Health Food Store in Toronto / October 2002

Most Memorable Moment
My entire year at IHN held very special memories and helped me tremendously increase my professional skills and capabilities. All courses learned at IHN were new and exciting. Some courses were challenging for me with English as my second language. I will always remember the continual support, encouragement and advice from my classmates and from Elizabeth. These helped me overcome my personal difficulties and as a result, I completed this very intensive program. I now work in a field that I love and have an opportunity on a daily basis to utilize my personal and professional abilities to contribute to society.

Favourite Class
Everything in the course curriculum was very interesting. By far my favorite course was Preventive Health Care. After completing this course, women’s issues became clear. I now feel that I have a deep and thorough understanding of women’s health issues. IHN provided me with a nutritional knowledge that has improved my personal health and the health of my family and friends.

Current work in the field of holistic nutrition:
As soon as I graduated from IHN in 2002, I set up my own Health Food Store called Green Natural Centre in Toronto, (main intersections are Eglinton and Mount Pleasant). My business objective is to help optimize consumer health through knowledge, reference materials and supportive product literature. Thus far, my IHN training has been integral in helping me grow and believe in myself. In the future it is my dream to grow the business as a franchise to assist more people in attaining optimal health. If you would like to contact me, please feel free to e mail me. I would love to hear from you.

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