Louise Comtois

Louise Comtois

CNP, RNCP, Colon Therapist / October 2002


Most Memorable Moment:
Without a doubt, graduation day. I remember Elizabeth coming into the classroom on our first day of school. She told us to consider ourselves nutritionists from that day forward. That stayed with me, and I would tell myself as I was writing a paper or studying for an exam, “I am a nutritionist!” How amazing it was on that day in October 2002 to be formally recognized as a holistic nutritionist.

Favourite Class:
Every course at IHN was as interesting as it was challenging, but I especially enjoyed Symptomatology, the place where theory and practice come together: A client presents as a puzzle where the pieces interlock but the picture it creates is jumbled. It’s your job to take the puzzle apart, examine each piece, consider its relationship to all the other pieces, and then carefully put the pieces back together to create- what else?- a picture of health!

Currently doing in the field of nutrition
As a Social Worker taking special interest workshops in alternative health modalities, Louise had not planned on focusing on holistic nutrition; a two-day seminar on the subject back in 2000 changed all that. Within two weeks of the seminar, Louise had enrolled at IHN.

Her interest in alternative approaches to healing had initially stemmed from many years of nagging, and at times debilitating, ill-health. Louise’s decision to study at IHN proved to be a wise one. By the time she graduated with Honours in 2002, her health was restored, and her desire to enter into a new career as a Holistic Nutritionist was sparked.

In October of 2003, Louise opened the D’Avignon Digestive Health Centre in Toronto. The Centre’s mission is to provide clients with services and education focused on safeguarding digestive health to help ensure optimal overall health and vitality. Services include nutritional therapy, colon hydrotherapy, live cell microscopy and allergy/sensitivity testing and elimination. Louise is especially proud of her staff, most of whom are IHN grads, whose knowledge, skill and commitment have benefitted countless clients on their path to health and wellness.

As public awareness regarding the relationship between the quality of our foods and our health and well-being continues to increase, a growing number of people are seeking guidance as they strive to take more personal responsibility for restoring or maintaining good health. IHN graduates are uniquely qualified to provide such guidance not only by helping others put the principles of holistic nutrition into practice, but also by helping others make sense of what can seem an overwhelming (not to mention often conflicting or contradictory) amount of nutrition information available in the media.

The quality of the education Louise received at IHN enabled her to launch a successful practice and small business. Moving forward, Louise hopes to lead the Centre in a direction in which she and her team continue to meet the needs of clients as both educators and service providers espousing the virtues of holistic nutrition.

Contact Information:
Phone: 416.465.1222
Email: contactus@digestivehealthcentre.com
Address: D’Avignon Digestive Health Centre
272A Danforth Avenue
Toronto, ON

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