Laura Johanson

Laura Johanson

Chef, CNP (first class honors)

Graduation date:
November 2017 (Covocation)

Most memorable moment at IHN:
There are so many great memories from IHN, but I would have to say that sharing our journeys to the path of holistic nutrition in Professional Skills class was transformative for me. It was a light bulb moment that crytallized my purpose and mission in the wellness field. Another favorite memory from IHN is sitting outside on the grass and catching some sun during lunch with my classmates chatting about our goals and dreams, that was pretty stellar.

Favourite class at IHN and why:
That is hard to choose! I loved the Psychology of Disease class because it tuned me in to the connection between emotions and the body. As well, it reaffirmed my own beliefs and personal experience. Everyday in this class was a journey! I also loved the Advanced Nutrition Research class because it honed my critical thinking skills and allowed me to explore my writing skills through that lens.

Currently doing in the field of holistic nutrition:
I am the founder of T.H.I.S., Therapeutic Holistic Integrated Strategies which provides a comprehensive personalized support program for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) families, using natural, holistic, long term strategies for healing. As a chef, CNP and mother of an autistic child I draw from first hand experience how specific autism diet and lifestyle interventions can help improve an individual’s quality of life. I work with clients one-on-one, providing customized protocols and meal guides, and personalized recipes for dietary interventions. Moving forward, I hope to plan and facilitate workshops, as well as develop a cookbook for autism friendly recipes. I am also a member of the executive committee for Autism Speaks to Young Professionals Canada where we advocate for Autism awareness and promote inclusion. I stive to help people on the autism spectrum reach their highest potential.

Contact information:

Favourite Quote

"We can not solve our problems with the same thinking we used that created them."

Albert Einstein
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