Kelly Thomson

Kelly Thomson

HBBA, CNP, NNCP / October 2010

Most Memorable Moment
This occurred during my first visit to IHN before I had enrolled at the school. As soon as I entered the North York campus, I knew I was where I needed to be. The reception area was full of positive energy which was very inviting. My decision was re-confirmed after speaking with Sanchia, Elizabeth, two enthusiastic students and observing Murat in action as student for a day. I knew then, I was about to embark on a very special journey that would enrich my life forever!

Favourite Class
It was difficult to choose but I narrowed it down to Preventative Health Care with Murat and Nutritional Symptomatology Part I with Josh. It was during these two courses that I really started connecting the theory gained from all previous learning into practical application. I especially want to credit both Murat and Josh for making my experience at IHN unforgettable. Their effective delivery and commitment to sharing their extensive knowledge and passion for nutrition and wellness makes IHN the ideal place to obtain the foundation to become a skillful practitioner.

Currently Doing in the Field of Holistic Nutrition
I am thrilled to be building my private nutritional and lifestyle consulting practice, PEAK Nutrition and Wellness, in Pickering. In combination with that, I provide nutritional coaching to individuals recovering from motor vehicle accidents at Active Therapy and Sports Clinic and am affiliated with Moksha Yoga and Es-Sense of Wellness providing one-on-one consultations as well as hosting group seminars. I will be incorporating Corporate Wellness into my practice Fall 2011 as well as continuing to upgrade my education at IHN and other forums to ensure I provide my clients with the most comprehensive approaches for optimizing their health and wellness.

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Favourite Quote

We don’t catch diseases, we create them by breaking down the natural defenses according to the way we eat, drink, think and live

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